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Bard's Tale IV Petition

Tale CollectionFans of the Bard's Tale trilogy and Construction Set have long wished to take yet another imaginary journey to the mystical world of Althea and the magical town of Skara Brae. We would call this journey Bard's Tale IV. If you would like to take such a journey, please sign The Bard's Tale IV petition at the bottom of this page.

While there have since been games which feature bards, games (and even novels) which feature the Bard's Tale name or are set in that universe, and even games which feature similar gameplay and graphics, there has never been an actual Bard's Tale IV released. There has never been a company that has announced "Yes, this Bard's Tale IV. This is the continuation of the Bard's Tale story that you've been waiting for, which will acknowledge and build on each of the earlier games in the series, then take you forward into one more great adventure."

Given the twisting mazes and heavily-guarded towers of copyright and trademark law, not to mention the reality-starved dimensions in which computer game creators and producers reside, such an announcement may never come to pass. But that doesn't mean that the true Bard's Tale fan ever gives up hope.

It is the hope of those of us who have signed this electronic petition that someone from some gaming company will see this list, realize that there is a market for future Bard's Tale games, and work to create one. The Bard's Tale IV petition was started in 1998 by Mike O'Hara of The COMPLETE Bard's Tale Homepage (currently offline). The original goal was to have 100 signatures to present to Electronic Arts. It is currently maintained by Troy H. Cheek and the goal has morphed into collecting as many signatures as possible.

Sign the petition!Please consider adding one of our official BT banners to your website, if you have one. Also, if you have any artistic talent, feel free to create your own.

Sign the petition!

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Due to concerns about spam harvesting bots, email addresses are not currently displayed in the petition lists. Also, if you wish to link to this petition, please link to this webpage and do not post the email address.

You may send your petition entry by using this form (preferred) or by sending email to the address below it. Feel free to comment on what you liked and disliked about earlier Bard's Tale installments, what you'd like to see in IV, how much you'd be willing to pay, what your gaming experience is, or anything else you'd like to mention. Please please PLEASE no high-ASCII, special formatting, HTML codes, or anything like that. Due to problems with spam, any petition with anything that looks like a website address will be automatically deleted.

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